Outdoor Onsen

The outdoor onsen has a rustic structure made of stacked natural stones.

A natural hot spring where you can relax and soak in the scent of the forest .

During the day, trees peek out from above the wooden fence, and at night, the sky is filled with stars.

Large public bath

Mori Tsubetsu Onsen is a simple alkaline hot spring with a pH of 9.6 that is good for the skin.

No water added Onsen.


Mori Tsubetsu’s sauna has a relatively low temperature, making it easy for sauna beginners and children to enjoy.

Changing room

Enjoy delicious Tsubetsu water after taking a bath.

Available equipment: Valuables locker / changing basket / hair dryer / body soap / conditioner-in shampoo / water server /

Private Onsen

There is a Onsen bath that can be reserved for private use.

business hours10:30~22:00