Enjoy the starry sky
you can't experience in the city
Animals come through the glass in the lobby.
Our hotel is surrounded by clear streams and forests
Located in a place surrounded by clear streams and healing forests.

Tsubetsu Town is a forest paradise

Tsubetsu Town is a forest town where 86% of the town is covered by forests. The clean air from the forest and the pure water of the Tsubetsu River nurture a rich variety of seafood and make it a paradise for wild animals.


A place where the warmth of trees and sunlight filtering through the leaves welcome travelers. Small animals often come to greet you through the glass.


Warm your body in the gushing hot water During the day, trees peek out from above the wooden fence. At night, a sky full of stars fills the sky.


The scent of the trees fills your body and soul. I’m sure you’ll be able to sleep soundly in the silence.


We selected ingredients from the mountains, sea, fields, rivers, and lakes.


Okukussharo Onsen Hotel~ Lamp Inn Mori Tsubetsu is approximately 23 km from downtown Tsubetsu.


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